Waukesha® Transformers are Synonymous with Quality and Reliability

Made in the USARecognized as one of the largest manufacturers of power transformers in the United States, SPX Waukesha designs, manufactures and tests its transformers at the company’s modern operating facilities in Waukesha, Wisconsin and Goldsboro, North Carolina according to the latest IEEE, ANSI, NEMA and ISO 9001:2008 quality system standards. The quality and reliability built into every unit we manufacture is the result of over 40 years experience in the design and production of power transformers for utility and industrial applications.

Computer-based, optimized designs and CAD/CAM techniques, coupled with highly trained design and development personnel, help ensure that Waukesha® quality, reliability and peak performance characteristics are built in from the start. Both transformer manufacturing plants utilize sophisticated, computer-controlled equipment and test systems complemented by a well-trained, experienced work force to produce high quality power transformers that meet even the most stringent customer specifications. Before, during and after the sale, SPX Waukesha sales, traffic and service teams respond quickly to customer delivery and installation requirements.

We Specialize In Medium and Large Power Transformers

Complete line of power transformers ranging from 2.5 to 1200 MVA in primary voltages through 345kV:

  • Substation Transformers
    • Single- and Three-Phase
    • Two and Three Windings
    • Load Tap Changer
    • Series Parallel Reconnectable
  • Generator Step-Up (GSU) Transformers
  • Unit Auxiliary Transformers
  • Station Service/Start-Up Transformers
  • Auto Transformers
    • Single- and Three-Phase
  • Zig-Zag Grounding Transformers
  • Special Duty Transformers (Motor Starting, Low Impedance, Pulse Loading, etc.)
  • Natural Ester Fluid Filled Transformers
  • Three Phase Voltage Regulating Transformers

Whatever the market or customer need, when it comes to transformers, components or service support — SPX Waukesha will be there for you.

For more information, to discuss your specification requirements, or to receive a power transformer quotation, contact us, contact the SPX Waukesha Sales & Service Representative nearest you or utilize our on-line resource: General Inquiry Form.

Visit the SPX Waukesha Library for downloadable PDFs of our most popular literature.



Transformer Concepts & Applications Seminar

Advanced training seminars focusing on the design and application of electric power transformers for engineers and operators of utility and industrial power systems.

Large Power Capabilities

$70 million expansion project with production capability to 1200 MVA, 345 kV.

Regional Technical Seminars - Register Today!

Focused agendas by region reflect topics chosen by registered participants.

Duval Triangle Diagnostic Tool

This tool is used to perform a dissolved gas analysis of the insulating oil as a way to evaluate transformer quality.
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