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ISOThe highest quality standards are built into every Waukesha® transformer, whether it is manufactured in Waukesha, WI or Goldsboro, NC. The company has earned the latest ISO 9001:2008 certification (Waukesha, Goldsboro) and has a reputation for quality and reliability that is among the best in the industry. Complying with the SPX Waukesha Quality Policy is the overriding objective and primary responsibility of every SPX Waukesha employee. It means that every unit we build and deliver to our customers has been manufactured to provide consistent performance, dependability and long service life. With nearly 15,000 power transformers installed, the facts speak for themselves:

• One of the lowest incidences of through-fault failure
• Low maintenance due to advanced design
• Long contact life LTCs
• Certified accuracy of loss measurement (compliant with NIST* Technical Note 1204)
• And many other benefits!

* NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology — formerly the National Bureau of Standards)


Transformer Company-Wide Quality Policy

The overriding objective of SPX Transformer Solutions and primary responsibility of each employee is to provide outstanding products and outstanding services that meet the continuing needs and expectations of our customers.

SPX Transformer Solutions will continually strive to improve the Quality System and customer satisfaction by setting measurable quality objectives at the various functions of the organization, and reviewing the organization’s performance to them.

SPX Waukesha Quality System

Waukesha Quality SystemOur corporate objective is Total Customer Satisfaction and we have structured our quality system so that all completed units meet individual customer specifications and industry standards. To deliver the consistent quality transformers and power equipment that our customers demand, each of our manufacturing operations (Waukesha and Goldsboro) have:

• Trained quality specialists and testers on all shifts
• Several hundred test and measurement items on a rigorous calibration program
• An on-line nonconformance system to resolve issues before a unit ships

SPX Waukesha Quality System Covers the Following Areas of Responsibility:

Customer Requirements and Specifications

To be sure that our plant and facilities are prepared to meet customer requirements, a systematic review is performed to identity each requirement including special requirements. This allows ample time for preparation in the event that special test or inspection equipment is required.

Supplier Evaluation

Since purchased items and raw materials must meet design requirements and specifications, our Quality and Global Sourcing groups work as a team to select only those suppliers capable of delivering materials and products that consistently meet SPX Waukesha quality, manufacturing and technical requirements. Performance requirements are defined and documented for applicable material specifications, engineering instructions and standards data. Our measurement and corrective action systems are functioning to continually improve the quality of supplier products and service.

Receiving Inspection

Once suppliers have been selected, all incoming production materials are subjected to receiving verification. Material not consistent with expectations and specifications is segmented and prevented from use in our manufacturing facilities. A documentation system provides a history of part characteristics and supplier performance.

Manufacturing and Assembly Operations

To confirm that all components and subassemblies manufactured at SPX Transformer Solutions meet design specifications, a documented system of inspection of critical dimensions and attributes takes place at the point where each component is manufactured. This prevents nonconforming components from entering the main transformer assembly bay or supporting assembly operation. The inspection system provides for the identification, segregation and disposition of all nonconforming parts and/or assemblies.

Engineering Change Requirements

When changes are made, the Waukesha Quality team is continually provided with up-to-date computerized Engineering Change Notices to be sure that all components and assemblies are manufactured with the most current engineering information.

Test Facility

Waukesha® transformers must pass an extensive series of inspections and electrical tests, including Impulse and Corona tests — conducted according to ANSI/IEEE and other standards. Additional information can be found in our Transformer Testing section.

Pre-Shipping Inspection

Prior to release by manufacturing of a completed transformer, a thorough inspection is made. Specific shipping details requested by the customer are checked, along with essential transportation and vehicle requirements. Working together with the customer, our Quality, Manufacturing, and Engineered Shipping groups work as a team to provide accurate, on time, and damage-free delivery of each Waukesha® transformer.

Whatever the market or customer need, when it comes to transformers, components or service support — SPX Waukesha will be there for you.

For more information, to discuss your specification requirements, or to receive a power transformer quotation, contact us, contact the SPX Waukesha Sales & Service Representative nearest you or utilize our on-line resource: General Inquiry Form.

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